In the same way, we tend to see women who cry as emotionally expressive, but not men who get angry or approach problems with detached, dispassionate “objectivity”, even though emotion has a lot to do with their behavior. There is cultural magic at work here, too, in what we choose to call emotion, which we can see if we think for a moment about how emotionally loaded a phrase like “cold blooded” really is. What we call “unemotional” is actually a controlled emotional flatness that is no less an emotional state than hysteria, rage, or grief. In not seeing this, we buy into the illusion that masculine men are emotionally inexoressive, rational, objective, in control, and “above it all”, and that being emotionally expressive precludes being rational, objective or anything other than out of control.
- Allan G. Johnson
Posted on Mar 12, 2013 • 8:30 AM
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