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Women are told it is unfeminine and gross to have muscles and to cultivate strength, which in turn leads them to actively avoid doing things that will build muscles and strength, which then makes them even less capable of doing things that require strength, which the critics then use as proof of women’s inherent physical frailty. And so the cycle continues…
Women’s difficulty with pull-ups is about more than biology | Fit and Feminist   (via trashysnacks)
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Casa Olivos  |  Mercedes Hernáez & Alejandro Sticotti

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina  |  Photography: Ana Armendariz  |  Interview: FvF

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Dream house. A cabin in the woods

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Without Apology, pg. 27-28, Jacqueline S. Homan, copyright 2013. All rights reserved

The part I find most intersting here is not the bolded part. First of all: I don’t know about the conclusion that since we haven’t overthrown patriarchy or gender inequality, i.e. are beneath the critical number of 23-25%, less than 23% of men want women to have their rights. I have to think about that. Because it ment 23-25% of peope in a society, right? So it means, women and men. Therefore; only 23-25% of people would suffice to make a change; it could also mean 23-25% women, so men’s spport wouldnt even be needed for a change? Also, isn’t there there a difference between not wanting women to have rights, or nor caring about women’s rights? My point is: Just because the majority does not actively support change, does it mean she opposes it? But the notion, that the tipping point, or critical mass for change lies between 23-and 25% is highly interesting. I’ve read that Jacqueline Homan’s books are very well researched, and this quote makes me want to read one of her books (preferably this one, first).
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1000% too tired to understand French feminist psychoanalysis 

Today I learned that if you google “Julia Kristeva abjection for dummies” you literally find nothing helpful.  I want small words, and very few of them.  For the love of god if I couldn’t understand Kristeva in this state then I certainly won’t understand someone theorizing about Kristeva using all the psychoanalytic terms and things in French oh god ow my brain

So I guess I’ll keep reading the same few pages until they make sense?  I am entirely too exhausted to do much more than lie on the floor without speaking

- Agreed! Felt like it was hard to understand, but after I’ve let it settle for a day or two I found that I could connect her ideas or theories. Still, would love to find some “kristeva abjection for dummies”!
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